Our History


Gallors is the result of the tradition and competence of people who work every day to improve the method of making leather boots for people with a challenging attitude, with energy, prestige and a taste for high quality and sophisticated articles.

Each article developed represents an authentic tradition in the manufacture of shoes, with over 100 years of experience, with the ambition to improve the way leather boots are made, combining the best raw materials with technological innovation and contemporary and attractive design, always applying our passion and care in every detail.

Gallors is a native brand of customers that seeks to understand their needs and deliver the best products. We want to win in comfort, performance, durability, style and customization.


The tradition began 100 years ago, when riding boots were made 100% by hand.

Tradition & Family are associated with heritage, expertise, know-how, quality.


Expertise in the selection of raw materials.

Gallors assures a strong control on the origin and quality of the leather and is willing to trade an immediate comfort to assure the best quality leather.


Innovative, attractive design that respects and incorporates the tradition and knowledge of this segment, supported with links between international riders and the internal designers.


Gallors is already in the forefront of technology by using automatic cutter, which provides a short margin (less than 0.01%) for error when it comes to sizes and measurements.

The entire sewing, lasting, and finishing process was developed and adapted to the production of this specific and very technical type of footwear.